The World’s finest line of shotguns and accessories created for the lady competitor, huntress and shotgun enthusiast.

Our Mission – no more comprimises

Over the years many firearm manufacturers have considered making a firearm for women. Some decided the market is too small to justify the effort. Others have made halfhearted attempts, or even worse a gun with a shortened stock that has been painted a silly colour. In our opinion these efforts are something less than genuine. Syren is a different story.

As a division of Caesar Guerini and Fabarm, the goal of Syren is to provide products that are designed exclusively for Women. We want to finally end the need for making compromises. No more modifying existing products, no more paint to cover up an altered stock, no more youth models being pushed as your only option. Our shotguns and accessories are designed just for Women and led by Women. Everyone involved with Syren, from our female management team to our Pro-Staff ladies, are committed to producing the best products possible so that there will be no more compromises when it comes to our lady shooters and their needs.

Tempio Syren Sporting

The Syren Tempio Sporting was created to be the perfect target shotgun for everyone from beginners up to the top echelon of competitors.

Available in 12gA, 20gA, 28gA.

RRP: £3,040

(Adjustable Stock Version £3,300)

Tempio Syren Sporting Light

A recent addition to the CG Syren line-up, this new model is dramatically lighter for those wanting something a little easier to handle.

Available in 12gA 28".

RRP: £3,040


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