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Syren L4S Sporting

If you want light weight and low recoil, this is the ideal shotgun for you. Our Syren L4S semi-automatic target shotgun offers very low recoil without the heavier weight of an over-under. The forend is shorter and slimmer to reduce weight and improve the overall balance making the L4S easy to handle. The L4S incorporates a reliable gas operating system that significantly softens the recoil of even a heavy 12 gauge cartridge.

The gas system is also calibrated specifically for a competition cartridges. This allows the gun to function with the kind of light, low-recoil ammunition other semi-automatic shotguns can’t handle.

These features make the L4S one of the most enjoyable 12 gauge shotguns available to women shooters. Inline with our no-compromises approach, we’ve included all of the serious competition features you’ve come to expect. The barrels feature our TRIBORE™ tapered bore, EXIS HP™ hyperbolic chokes and tapered top rib. The stock has an easily interchanged shim system and available interchangeable recoil pads that allow you to perfectly fine-tune the fit. All of the controls such as the bolt release, safety and bolt handle are oversized competition style for easy use.

The combination of innovative design features and a passion for making a great semi-auto target shotgun for women, makes the Syren L4S Sporting a great choice for any shooter.

Available in 12GA 28"/30" barrel and Right/Left Handed. Overpressure tested to 1630 bar and capable of  'High Performance' steel shot through all chokes.




Following the success of the previous Elos Syren, Fabarm have decided to refresh the models looks with a clean and modern approach. The simple yet elegant action maintain's the satin black finish but now includes a purple two tone logo. Along with the deletion of the rose engraving, the stock now comes as standard with an adjustable 'Micro-Metric' comb with a 13.75" length of pull.

The model includes an adjustable trigger, set of 4 HP™ Chokes, Fabarms unique Tri-wood finish and is nicely presented in a lockable Syren case.

Fabarm U.K. 3 Year Warranty.

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