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Syren elos D2 Field 20GA

The Syren range was created to be the perfect target shotgun for everyone from beginners up to the top echelon of competitors. We went to great lengths to make sure we have created a shotgun that will fit the average female shooter better than ever before. We modified every aspect of the stock, not only to make the shotgun fit better, but to also reduce felt recoil.

Cosmetically our goal was to make a firearm that was both traditional and elegant, but distinctive in a way that separates it from the male oriented products. The wood is Turkish walnut with Fabarm patented 'Tri-Wood' Finish. The result is a shotgun that is as beautiful as it is functional.

The gun is non auto-safe as standard but can be made auto-safe upon request. Overpressure tested to 1630 bar and capable of  'High Performance' steel shot through all chokes.

Fabarm U.K 10yr Mechanical Warranty

Available in 20GA with a 28" barrel.




Following the success of the previous Elos Syren, Fabarm have decided to introduce this new field model with a colour case hardened action. The simple yet elegant design maintain's the handling characteristics of the previous generation. Along with the deletion of the rose engraving, the stock now comes as standard with a Syren logo on the base of the pistol grip with a 13.75" length of pull.

The model includes an gold trigger, selective safety, Fabarms unique Tri-wood finish and is nicely presented in a Syren INTEGRALE™ Case. The gun has a 3" chamber and includes 5 INNER HP™ Choke Tubes.

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