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Tempio Syren Sporting Light

The Syren Tempio Sporting Light was created to be the perfect target shotgun for everyone from beginners up to the top echelon of competitors. This particular model was created with an alloy action to further reduce the overall weight of the gun, whilst maintaining small amounts of felt recoil and overall balance. To make the gun handle and balance well, we have also incorporated a lightweight 28" set of barrels. By keeping extra weight out of the muzzle end of the gun, the balance is evenly distributed between the hands making the gun easier to handle. Another key feature is the stock. We went to great lengths to make sure we have created a shotgun that will fit the average female shooter better than ever before. We modified every aspect of the stock, not only to make the shotgun fit better, but to also reduce felt recoil.

This lightweight version also includes many of the performance features of its predecessor the Tempio Syren Sporting. The barrels are over-bored and include 5” forcing cones to reduce recoil and increase ballistic performance. Additionally, the barrels and internal section of the 8 competition choke tubes have been hard chromed for ease of maintenance.  The trigger is adjustable for length-of-reach and is tuned to crisp 3 ¼ lb. trigger pull.

Cosmetically our goal was to make a firearm that was both traditional and elegant, but distinctive in a way that separates it from the male oriented products.  The action features a classic scroll and bouquet design with the roses tastefully highlighted in gold.  While the checkering on the stock incorporates a small flourish of carved roses to coordinate with the engraving. The wood is deluxe grade of Turkish walnut hand polished with an oil finish. The result is a shotgun that is as beautiful as it is functional.

The gun is Non Autosafe & has CG U.K's 10 Year Mechanical Warranty. 

Available in 12GA 28".

All current production Tempio Syren barrels are subject to high-performance 'superior steel' proof and stamped with the Fleur de Lys symbol.



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