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L4S Sporting

A semi-automatic Sporting shotgun that stands out thanks to its agility and speed on the toughest swings. The design of the weapon with its harmonious curves, the forend perfectly in sync with the frame – which is itself very compact – makes it a perfectly balanced shotgun. The L4S, like all FABARM shotguns, has the reloading spring directly on the magazine tube rather than in the

stock with a multiple-degree angle like many competing shotguns.

The TRIBORE HP barrel are drilled from solid bars and has 97-mm choke tubes. Finally, the highly innovative design of the shotgun gives the barrel its own mode of attachment independent of the wooden forend, which therefore need no longer absorb and bear all the stresses related to the assembly of the barrel.

Delivered with 5 EXIS HP Chokes, barrel & stock cloths all nicely presented in a hard ABS Case. Overpressure tested to 1630 bar and capable of  'High Performance' steel shot through all chokes.


Fabarm U.K 10yr Mechanical warranty.

Available in 12GA Only with a 30" or 32" barrel.

£ 1,495


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