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Invictus VII Sporting

The Invictus VII shares all the technical characteristics of the Invictus series of over-and-under shotguns, starting from the replaceable hinge pins on the barrel that, in symbiosis with the Invictus block enable an easy restoration of the locking system.

As well as the intricately engraved sideplates this model also includes the latest forend action control system. This system allows the user to adjust the eccentric screw in the forend which in turn will either tighten or ease the tension when opening/closing the gun.

The gun is Non Autosafe, Multichoke & has CG U.K's 10 Year Mechanical Warranty. 

Available in 12GA 30" or 32".

All current production Invictus multi-choke barrels are subject to high-performance 'superior steel' proof and stamped with the Fleur de Lys symbol.

£ on request.


Barrel Lengths
Top Rib
Weight (Approx)
Length of Pull
Steel Proof
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