Invictus V Ascent

Finely Engraved Action with Game Bird Highlights, Pistol Grip Stock, Rounded Forend, Ventilated Ascent Rib with Multichoke Barrel & Non-Autosafe. 

Unique Invictus Action with Chrome Lined & Hand Polished internal components for the most precise trigger we've ever produced. Additional wall thickness to the action also aids to increase strength and better absorb felt recoil. The 10mm high tapered top rib is designed to shoot at 50/50% point-of-impact allowing for an upright shooting position and improved target visibility, making it the perfect Sporting Clays gun. The stock incorporates the DTS adjustable comb to make sure a variety of shooters can adjust the gun to fit precisely.

CG U.K 10 Year Mechanical Warranty

Available in 12GA 30" or 32".

All current production Invictus multi-choke barrels are subject to high-performance 'superior steel' proof and stamped with the Fleur de Lys symbol.