Invictus I Sporting

In our ongoing pursuit to make the best Target shotgun possible, Caesar Guerini has created the Invictus. Featuring the greatest advancement in over-under durability in many years – the Invictus System. This revolutionary new system completely changes the way the barrel and action lock together when the gun is closed, making the whole system stronger. Additionally, all locking surfaces are now modular, creating a gun that is many times more durable than a traditional over-and-under shotguns.

The gun is Non Autosafe, Multichoke & has CG U.K's 10 Year Mechanical Warranty. 

Available in 12GA 30" or 32".

All current production Invictus multi-choke barrels are subject to high-performance 'superior steel' proof and stamped with the Fleur de Lys symbol.


Invictus I M-Spec

The Invictus I M-Spec is a fixed-choke gun with 3/4 and full chokes so has less weight at the muzzles. It is certainly a hard-hitting gun with the capability to put high pellet counts on a distant target, so definitely a great all-rounder 
for challenging clay's as well as game.

The gun is Non Autosafe & has CG U.K's 10 Year Mechanical Warranty. The barrels come as standard fixed choke and this constrictions can be specified at point of order.

Available in 12GA 30" or 32".