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Elos N2 Sporting

A sporting shotgun that brings winds of change to the shooting range. The deep-satin-black receiver with its minimalist engraving is adorned with large two-tone logos that affirm its decidedly sporty and dynamic character.

The perfectly ergonomic stock includes an adjustable, satin-black, lacquered walnut comb, providing real shooting comfort and facilitating

cheek-contact with shooters. The SPORTING TRIBORE HP barrel with a lightened profile has a 10-8-mm top rib allowing perfect balancing of the weapon. The trigger group features a light, crisp trigger pull and an adjustable trigger position.

Delivered with 4 EXIS HP Chokes, barrel & stock cloths all nicely presented in a hard ABS Case. Overpressure tested to 1630 bar and capable of  'High Performance' steel shot through all chokes.


Fabarm U.K 10yr Mechanical warranty.

Available in 12GA Only with a 30" barrel.

£ 1,850


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