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Classis 12GA

Classis is not only a traditional side by side shotgun, it’s a shotgun which integrates technical features like no other: a forged steel receiver with four lugs, an unequalled ballistic performance with the INNER HP choke tubes, particularly efficient with steel shot ammunitions or when you have to shoot high birds, a perfect balance and an accurate sighting with the none glare top rib.

Delivered with 5 Inner H.P chokes, soft barrel & stock cloths and in Fabarm's Integrale Case. Overpressure tested to 1630 bar and capable of  'High Performance' steel shot through all chokes.


Fabarm U.K 3 Mechanical Warranty

Available in 12GA with a 28" or 30" barrel.

£ 2,495


Classis Spec copy.png
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