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Autumn 20GA Profile

Autumn 20GA

A very elegant version of the side by side shotgun! The satin colour case hardening finish of the receiver brings out the best of its engravings and lines, whilst the carefully selected oil-finished wood just make you want to take hold of it. The AUTUMN is currently

available in a 20ga version which has proven its true vivacity and unfailing solidity in the field. Its 4 barrel hooks, its TRIBORE HP barrel with hyperbolic choke tubes and its forged steel receiver, all stand to show how FABARM can successfully marry classicism with high performance.

Delivered with 5 Inner H.P chokes, soft barrel & stock cloths and in Fabarm's Integrale Case. Overpressure tested to 1630 bar and capable of  'High Performance' steel shot through all chokes.


Fabarm U.K 10yr Mechanical Warranty

Available in 20GA with a 30" barrel.

£ 3,350


Autumn 20GA Specs.png
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